NinjaCrawler is a tool that reads raw data from customer volumes to determine the possible capacity savings that could be achieved with Primera or 3PAR data deduplication and compression. NinjaCrawler can scan Linux, Windows, and VMware ESX volumes.

VMware ESX volumes can be scanned from either platform.

NinjaCrawler (v3.3.0)

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Cut Through Marketing-Speak

NinjaCrawler enables you to show the customer how their data will be handled on a Primera or 3PAR. Force competitors to get off their Marketing-Speak pedestal and do the same.

NinjaCrawler Features

  • NinjaCrawler emulates HPE Primera and 3PAR deduplication and compression technologies to determine the amount of data reduction the specified volume(s) would benefit from if they were stored on a either a Primera or 3PAR array.
  • Available for Linux or Windows
  • Supports local (Linux or Windows) volume scanning and remote (VMWare ESX) volume scanning
  • Supports multiple ESX versions:
    • ESX 6.5 update 1
    • ESX 5.5 update 3
  • Produces a zip file with the results of the scan
  • Ships with a tool (NinjaManager) to make scanning large numbers of ESX volumes easy
  • Supports dynamic throttling via configurable maximum data read speed
  • Merge databases to estimate moving multiple datastores
  • Estimate performing de-duplication, compression, or both together
  • Read speed up to 500 MB/sec

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We are happy to assist with any issues using the sizing tools.

To contact the NinjaCrawler support team please send an email to:   NinjaCrawler Support